My Top Achievements as an Exchange Student in the USA

Each year as exchange students from around the world dream about what their life as American teenagers will look like. Who their host family is, what activities they’ll sign up for, how they’ll integrate into their new community, and more. The opportunities are endless!

Carlos is a high school student from Spain who came to the USA as an exchange student with STS Foundation. After going through a rigorous application process and months of preparation, Carlos finally hopped on a plane in August 2022 to fly across the Atlantic and meet his host family in Louisiana. Over the last 7 months, Carlos’ host family and friends have been showing him the American way of life. Carlos has been part of his local church’s Youth Group, and his high school’s cross-country and Track and Field teams. He’s also given back to his community by volunteering at the animal shelter. Carlos shares with us what his experience of life as an American teenager has been like so far:

Carlos from Spain 2

“Youth Group is a place where many teenagers gather to talk, play, learn about Jesus, and have a good time. We also do things to help those most in need. For example, one day we assembled cardboard boxes and fill them with all kinds of donations to distribute them among the humblest people.

I volunteered at the animal shelter, helping to walk dogs, feeding them, and visiting the facilities. It was a very fun and rewarding experience. We also painted birdhouses and gave them to old people along with a crossword puzzle book.

With cross country, we did not qualify for districts, however, I was one of the best runners on my team occupying the eighth fastest time in the rankings of the school. I’m not that good at Track because it’s my first year running and people are so fast, however, I occupy a good place with 3200m, 1600m (in which I am qualified for the district meet), and with the 4×8 relay with which we currently occupy the first position in the district and with which we are qualified for the regional meet.

Although I am very happy with my sporting achievements, the best that sport has given me this year have been the friends and experiences that I have been able to live and enjoy.”

Over 30,000 American families open their homes and hearts each year to welcome exchange students from around the world and help them live the life of typical American teenagers for 5 to 10 months. If you are interested in helping a young student like Carlos, we invite you to learn more about becoming a host family with STS Foundation.

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My Top Achievements as an Exchange Student in the USA

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