STS Foundation Students Shine in International Education Week

International Education Week (IEW), a collaborative effort between the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education, is designed to foster global understanding and engagement. Each year, STS Foundation students proudly participate in IEW, showcasing the diversity and richness of cultures through their exchange experience. Let's delve into the stories of Ismail from Nigeria, Adam from Egypt, and Irana from Turkmenistan, who made significant contributions to the success of International Education Week.

Ismail IEW

Ismail's Unforgettable Experience:

Ismail, an enthusiastic STS Foundation and YES Exchange Student from Nigeria, had a remarkable experience during International Education Week. He took the opportunity to share the wonders of his culture and country through various presentations. Ismail's efforts did not go unnoticed, as he was voted the most unforgettable student of the year. This recognition reflects not only his commitment to sharing his heritage but also the positive impact he made on those around him.

Adam IEW

Adam's Cultural Exchange at Sultan High School:

Adam, representing STS Foundation and YES as an exchange student from Egypt, played a vital role in International Education Week by conducting presentations at Sultan High School in Washington. For Adam, this experience was not just about teaching facts; it was a heartfelt endeavor to share the essence of his country. From geography and traditions to holidays and cuisine, Adam engaged his American peers with enthusiasm. The interactive session left a lasting impression, with students displaying genuine interest, asking numerous questions, and creating an atmosphere of cultural exchange filled with warmth and joy.

Irana IEW

Irana's Journey from Turkmenistan to Utah:

Irana, from Turkmenistan, and currently residing in Payson, Utah, as an STS Foundation and FLEX Exchange Student, embraced the opportunity to represent her homeland during International Education Week. Given that only 1% of Utah residents were familiar with Turkmenistan, Irana took it upon herself to educate and captivate her audience. Through a series of five presentations at an elementary school, LDS Church, and Payson High School, Irana shared Turkmen dances, traditional clothing, jewelry, and delectable treats. The genuine curiosity of elementary school children left her impressed, emphasizing the impact that such cultural exchanges can have on young minds.

The success of STS Foundation students during International Education Week is a testament to the power of cultural exchange and the positive impact it can have on both the participants and their audiences. Ismail, Adam, and Irana showcased the beauty of their respective countries, fostering understanding, appreciation, and friendship. As we celebrate their achievements, it is evident that programs like IEW provide invaluable opportunities for global learning and connection, shaping the next generation of empathetic and culturally aware leaders.

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STS Foundation Students Shine in International Education Week

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